green power

For Our Partners
For Our Customers
For Our Communities


As an Independent Power Producer,
GPEC Global transforms waste into a clean
and reliable source of energy...



For Our Partners

Local Waste Management Entities

  • Compliments plastic, metal and glass recycling programs
  • Directs garbage away from landfills, avoiding methane gas production
  • Enhances a "green" corporate identity
  • Qualifies for carbon credits under the international Kyoto/Bali agreements

For Our Customers

Electric Utilities

  • Provides a reliable source of baseload power
  • Adds clean, renewable energy to the generation mix that qualifies for green power premiums
  • Increases regional generating capacity with GPEC's capital investment
  • Build Own Operate (BOO) model
  • Makes an important step towards sustainable development

For Our Communities

Towns & Municipalities

  • Eliminates the need for new or expanded landfills and reduces associated problems including odours and groundwater contamination
  • Generates local engineering and construction employment
  • Reduces the community carbon footprint by converting garbage to green power while minimizing harmful emissions
  • Allows for decomissioning and remediation of existing landfill sites to enable property redevelopment