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Outstanding Emissions
Control Performance


GPEC’s WTE systems meet the most stringent environmental emission standards in the world.  We have found that proper pre-treatment of the waste stream at the front end significantly reduces the emissions requiring treatment at the back end of our systems.  Our gasification system out performs mass burn incineration plants in terms of energy efficiency and air emissions. By removing glass, metals and certain types of plastics (PVC) from the waste prior to the gasification of the remaining biomass based waste, our system complements recycling programs and prevents the generation of dioxins, furans and heavy metal oxides.

The key advantage of the gasification process is our patented moving grate floor which transfers the waste through the gasification chamber while slowly tumbling it to allow for complete gasification without air entrainment of ash. The process prevents clinker formation and efficiently captures and collects the bottom ash. All conditions in the gasification chamber are precisely managed in order to superheat the waste in the lower portion of the chamber without igniting the solids, and then to effect combustion of the resulting gases as they rise to the top of the chamber. This patented process significantly reduces the fly ash in the flue gas. A patented combination of multi-cyclones, wet scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators are used to treat remaining contaminants in the flue gas including SOx, NOx, as well as any acid mists and particulates. 

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