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KMW Systems Inc.

GPEC Global deploys cutting-edge gasification technology developed by KMW Systems Inc. in its waste-to-energy plants. Since 1979, KMW has built and installed over 100 custom wood waste-fueled plants in North America for both power and steam heat applications.

Kirkland Lake Power Corp 17MW plant fueled by sawmill wood waste

Fuel is metered automatically into the gasification system,which features a sloping grate floor. The fuel is then evenly distributed on the grates where the unique reciprocating grate design gently advances and agitates the fuel down the slope.  The carefully designed refractory lining in the combustion chamber acts as a heat sink (thermal flywheel) and heat reflector to maintain the proper cell temperature to remove any moisture present in the fuel and to sustain the gasification process.  Moisture evaporates and volatile gas is released. Secondary (overfire) air is injected to initiate the second stage combustion.  Primary (underfire) air mixes with the remaining fixed carbons (charcoal) to complete the combustion process. The unique grate cycling pattern creating the optimum fuel bed profile together with complete combustion air control achieves the highest degree of efficiency resulting in minimal emissions.